CodeOnline is out now 🚀 — Your own remote and secure workspace powered by Visual Studio Code

Steven Hermans · May 13

After more than 6 months I’m thrilled to announce that CodeOnline is finally live! 🚀Check it out at and get your own workspace to experience the new way of coding yourself.

CodeOnline is an online IDE with a powerful and secure remote workspace. It is based on a web version of Visual Studio Code, which connects to your own private Linux workspace in the Cloud, without any restrictions.

You won’t even notice that you’re working remotely

CodeOnline Sync workspace

While Visual Studio Code is running in the browser for fast interactions and IntelliSense, your files are saved on the fly to your remote workspace, therefore you can access them anywhere and on any device. No matter where you are, at your desk 🖥️, in the train 🚄 or even on a tablet while you’re at the beach 🏖️, your code will always be in sync.

CodeOnline work at the beach

Docker 🐳 and all the tools ⚒️ you need

All workspaces have Docker pre-installed. Add the Docker extension to VSCode and get your containers up and running. If you’re more a command line guy, open the integrated terminal and start hacking Docker commands.

CodeOnline Docker and other tools

The integrated terminal gives unrestricted access to the workspace. This enables you to install any tool you need. Just run:

sudo apt install …

Access your app on your remote workspace

When your app is started on the remote workspace, it will automatically be made available on:

CodeOnline open app remotely

Progressive Web App

Install CodeOnline as a PWA on your device to get an even faster experience. And as a bonus, it will have its own window.

CodeOnline as a progressive web app

Managed and secured by default

No longer worry about managing and securing your workspace. CodeOnline workspaces have the following features by default enabled:

  • Single-Sign-On with a Google or Github account
  • HTTPS connection
  • Workspace encryption at rest
  • Automatic updates
  • Automatic healthchecks and repairs
  • Automatic backups

Get started in no time

Use Git to checkout existing repositories or just drag your existing workspace from your computer into the file explorer.

What is next?

We’re currently working on a lot of new features (organisations, preconfigured toolsets) and integrations with Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab.

Currently we have a single region for workspaces in Amsterdam, but a new region will be launched anytime soon in the USA. Stay tuned on Twitter 🐦.

Next to that we’re also working on improving VSCode itself by contributing new features and bug fixes to the upstream. See also our Github account.

Want to give it a try?

Head to and get your own workspace for free!